My use of Social Media


About me…I’m 44 years of age, tech savvy and father of a horde of teenagers

I keep up to date with the latest in tech and even dabble with some coding from time to time (self taught). The kids treat me like I’m some tech imbecile yet I have set up their iPhones, iPads, Laptops and their MacBooks along with providing them with ongoing tech support. [1]

Why is it that they then think Im not up with it? Well it comes down to social media use with your tech abilities being determined by how and what social media services you use.

Let’s get a few things out of the way firstly I’m not against any social media. People can you use whatever they like and whatever works for them. I just find little use in some social media services. [2]

Any service I don’t mention I don’t use and have no experience with there are a few that I don’t use that I have tried and that were I’ll start.

DislikesSnapchat: This is a seriously odd product. Take poor quality photos of yourself and post them to friends to quickly view. Watching the teenagers at home it appears you take the dumbest photo and send 100 times for the greatest social impact. In addition I understand that dickpics and titpics are quite popular.

Instagram: I admit I was heavily into Instagram posting almost 2–3 photos a week adding numberous tags to garner more and more follower and the elusive likes. It was a drug like addiction waking up to the latest number of likes. After a while it began to sink in; there is no community unless you belong and you are only as good as your last photo. Gaining more followers and likes did little more than disappoint and in the end no one really cared.

LinkedIn: The corporate FaceBook…apparently. I have an account and I maintain my resume here however I do little with the service. I have found little value in it and I really dont see the point. Networking is appraprently the thing here but I havent seen it. Why do I continue you ask? I hope it gets better in the future.

Ok next up the services I do use and why…


Facebook: Ok eye rollers yes Facebook is so old school now and full of crappy cat videos. That being said its and easy was to keep up with family and friends that are overseas or long distances away. If you can get past all crap on there its not a bad way to stay in touch. Personally all I post are holidays photo’s, event photo’s and comments and birthday wishes. Unlike some I probably only go to it and look through my timeline once or twice a week.

Twitter: I love twitter!! It is basically my personal news feed of all the things I like, the people and organisations I follow. Every morning my routuine includes working through my feed, saving articles for future reading in Instapaper and sending any worthwhile tweets out to the world[3]. Twitter is unintrusive and I dont feel the need to be favourited[4]. Its just there as a summary of the world in my Twittershpere. Making the experience all the better is one of the best iOS apps Tweetbot so much more than the official Twitter client Tweetbot offers a UX unsurpassed across both iPad, iPhone and Mac.

Social media is a very personal thing different age groups, sex and interests will determine the type and use patterns. To determine a persons level of technical competance and savvy based on their choices is wrong. Try telling that to a teenager…

  1. I know nothing!!  ↩
  2. ok I do take issue with the way in which its used  ↩
  3. I dont care if no one reads them it just feels good to get it out. I also promote this blog as well.  ↩
  4. Just recently Twitter changed to hearts moving away from the favourite star  ↩


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